2018 grape harvest in photos - Cliff Edge Wines, Auckland, NZ
Cliff Edge Wines is a small single vineyard on a cliff top at the end of the Awhitu Peninsula with views over the Manukau harbour. Here, the Seagar family grows Merlot and Cabernet Franc grapes, which make for a zing, crisp, coral pink rosé and a top-notch spicy Bordeaux style red.
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Tash and Peter at the Cliff Edge wine 2018 grape harvest

The harvest of 2018

Friends came from as far as Sweden to help pick the grapes and were rewarded with a fine glass of Cliff Edge or two. Harry was there to capture the 2018 grape harvest.

Dan loads up the truck - 2018 grape harvest Cliff Edge wine

Dan loads up the truck

Tash and Peter - 2018 grape harvest

Absolute contentment after the 2018 Cliff Edge wine grape harvest

Absolute contentment

Photos by Harry Seagar.



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