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A new Cliff Edge website – (a)live & kicking!

“We should create a Cliff Edge Wines website.” “Yes, we should. Great idea.” It is mind-boggling how a simple conversation between Ben and me enfolded in a complex and much more time-consuming project than ever imagined.


One hand on the keyboard, glass of wine in the other

Several design drafts quickly found their way to the bin, we squabbled over text and punctuation, and a few technical difficulties occurred that drove this not-so-experienced web builder close to madness. Luckily there was abundant wine! And now she’s finally here: our new website in crisp white-pink-red. It features lots of info about the people and practices behind the Cliff Edge Wines label, and many sunny photos. It instantly stirs up the desire to go back to this beautiful retreat we created at the Awhitu Peninsula and, ultimately, makes us want to drink more of this beautiful wine. We hope she has a similar effect on you! If so, simply click here to order a case or two (or three).


The development of this website has, as everything at Cliff Edge Wines, predominantly been a family effort. Special thanks goes out to Katie Scott for her effective editing and proofreading in exchange for (what else than) a nice bottle of Cliff Edge red. Kudos to Katie!


More on social & Vivino

Next to come is a full-on integrated web store. In the meantime, we will obviously update this site regularly. But don’t let that stop you from following us on Instagram and Facebook for the latest news from the vineyard and many more enviable pics. Spotted a typo, got ideas on how to make the new Cliff Edge Wines website better, or just feel the need to vent (or praise us)? Leave a comment below! Or rate us on the Vivino app, it’s good fun.


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  • Tom Blundell


    Love the Website
    from Uncle Tom
    the wines not bad either

    23/03/2017 at 8:49 am

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