PRIDE Wines – a Limited Edition Label & Social Enterprise

PRIDE Wines is a daughter label of Cliff Edge Wines, which is produced by the Seagar Family. Youngest son Harry took the initiative to do something very special with our 2011 Bordeaux Style red. Basically, it boils down to returning a little of what you make from this world back to it while proudly enjoying an absolutely beautiful wine.


PRIDE Wines is a social enterprise that sells a limited edition of two labels:


– the Coastal Label, supporting Sea Cleaners

– the Alpine Label, supporting Kea Conservation Trust


Pouring PRIDE Wine


A project built on four goals

PRIDE Wines wants to:

  1. bring to the market some of the finest, handcrafted, Bordeaux Blend red wine this great country has ever seen.
  2. raise awareness of the legendary, partnering charities that do extraordinary things for both our world & the future world of our children. In the hope that you may feel inspired to help out, whether that is your time or your money.
  3. donate $2 per sold bottle to two amazing environmental groups: Sea Cleaners and Kea Conservation Trust.
  4. To be an example to all just how beneficial it is for both your business & society to incorporate sustainable practices.


Return a little of what you make from this world back to it

Business runs the modern world we all love to live in. Whilst it is responsible for giving us the high standard of life we now expect, it has come at a price to everything. I firmly believe that we are at a time in our history where the composition of the business bottom line must be re-aligned. Re-aligned to accommodate the greater needs to have more socially and environmentally sustainable organisations. Because we consume, a lot, that’s just how we do it. So we do need to start consuming much more wisely. No one is an angel but an honest attempt (for yourself) to make smarter decisions when consuming will make a huge, positive difference and benefit YOU. Simply put, it comes down to returning a little of what you make from this world back to it.



Big thank yous

PRIDE Wines has been 5 months in the making, so a few thank you’s need to be made!
– The charities that have trusted me to represent them as I try to spread the word of their incredible work: Sea Cleaners & Kea Conservation Trust!
– Jamie Boyo has helped me with almost all of the design, such a fine looking product would not have been possible without him.
Emma Orchard for helping me get some of the b e a u tiful images you’re looking at on the page.
– The whole Seagar family for helping out where they could and bringing me back down to reality when needed.

So there it is, it’s gonna be fun, for any questions, debates, or a chat about the underlying ideologies of the project – send me an email or message via the PRIDE FB page.


PRIDE in the vineyard

Hedda ten Holder

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