Cliff Edge Rosé 2017 (6 bottles)


Cliff Edge ‘The Engagement’ is a crisp and dry rosé wine. Nice minerality and roundness, hints of strawberry. Vintage 2017. Case of 6 bottles.


This dry New Zealand rosé wine from Cliff Edge Wines, ‘The Engagement’, is beautifully crisp. “Nah thanks, I am not really a rosé drinker”. We often hear this when we suggest a glass for the first time. But this wine, made of the same combination of Merlot and Cabernet Franc grapes as our Bordeaux-style red, is zingy, crisp and dryer than you would maybe expect. With its beautiful coral-pink colour and fruity freshness, it is hard not to love this one. In the end, even those non-rosé drinkers can’t resist. Every year we name our rosé after someone, or something, that was special to us that year. In 2017 we celebrated Ben and Hedda’s engagement.