Cliff Edge Rosé 2017



The Auckland rosé wine ‘The Engagement’ from Cliff Edge Wines is beautifully crisp and dry. Its delicate balance of refreshing roundness and zingy hints of sweet strawberries make it a perfect rosé for those who’d normally opt for a glass of white. With its beautiful coral-pink colour and fruity freshness, it is hard not to love this one. Try it out & be positively surprised!


This wine is made of the same blend of Merlot (70%) and Cabernet Franc (30%) grapes as our Bordeaux-style reds. Every year we name our rosé after someone, or something, that was special to us that year. With ‘The Engagement’ (2017) we celebrated Ben and Hedda’s upcoming nuptials; they got married at the Cliff Edge vineyard in 2019.